Saturday, 23 June 2012

Winter Lawn Care

Even though your grass lies dormant in the winter, it does not mean your lawn care for those 3 months is not necessary. It is in fact the opposite in many instances. Here's a few tips.

Tip #1: Weeds actually grow much quicker than the grass during the cooler months therefore they are easier to spot as well. It's best to remove the weeds or apply weed-killer during this time so they dont over-run your lawn and ruin it entirely for the spring.

Tip #2: Mow your lawn 1-2 notches shorter before winter arrives, this protects it from animals/insects etc that may burrow in the grass to keep warm and hence leave roots and deadspots where they nest. Try to maintain that height of your lawn throughout the winter.

Tip #3: Remove any debris ie. toys furniture logs etc from your lawn. The weight of these objects on your grass during the winter period can leave thin, patchy or even dead areas which will be present in the springtime. Also rake leaves up especially in shady areas of your lawn, not doing this can halt lawn growth and attract diseases as well.

Tip #4: Fertilise. Fertilising your lawn early winter will help enrich your soil with nutrients it may have lost during the summer/autumn periods. It also has better chance of soaking into the soil (dampness) of which will result in a heathier lawn come spring.

At Mighty Mow we can pull weeds out, spray weeds or fertilise your lawn, we can also give professional advice on the best service schedule and mowing technique to keep your grass looking healthy all year round.

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