Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spring; Residential Lawn Tips

With the first month of Spring well and truly upon us and the dryer season approaching, feeding and watering your lawn & garden is important to keep it both green and healthy. Mowing the lawn every 1-2 weeks will keep it this way and remembering to always keep the grass no shorter than 80-100mm, will promote strong root growth.

For some of us though keeping our properties maintained on a regular basis is just not possible. Maybe you are in need of some help? Finding someone to mow your lawns may be easy, but making sure they are reputable will ensure you get your money's worth. After all, it is possible to really damage a freshly laid or even existing lawn, and that damage could cost you thousands of dollars to replace. Check to make sure your tradesmen has the experience and credentials, and outline clearly what you would like done to your property before he/she starts the job. Maybe ask some questions, "How long have you worked in the industry?", "Do you have insurance?", "Can i see some of your work?".. questions that are not intimidating, but that also give you piece of mind.

Useful Hints:
  • For the average home, a gardening job mowing, edges trimmed and grass removed will cost around $45-$50.
  • Be wary of using a general fertiliser on native plants as it can kill them.
  • Feed and water your lawn regularly in the spring and summer seasons. This varies on the amount of water and frequency, but generally 1-2 times weekly in spring and a little more in summer is a safe guide. Watering every day is detrimental and can cause the roots to dry out quickly when a hot day comes along. Its best to water in the morning 4-8am.
  • Keep lawn-mower blades sharp and wear appropriate clothing (earmuffs/boots/glasses/long pants) when mowing your lawn.
  • Use sprinklers for even volume watering of your lawn, also use tap-timers that control the day/time and duration of your watering - hence saving you water and the inconvenience.

At Mighty Mow we can mulch or catch your lawn, we can also give professional advice on the best service schedule and mowing technique to keep your grass looking healthy all year round