Monday, 2 September 2013

Spring has Sprung!

With the unexpected warmer temps hitting Sydney and NSW quite early this Spring, now would be the time to prepare your yard and reap the benefits of lush green grass throughout the entire BBQ and entertaining months ahead.

Here is some tips you should keep in mind..

  • Do a good scan of your yard and remove any sticks. Rake up any leftover leaves so that your lawn is receiving maximum sunlight and oxygen.

  • Make sure all of your lawn care equipment is in good working order. Check that your mower blades are sharp and that all of your equipment is serviced with fresh spark plugs, new oil, clean air filters and fresh fuel. If you look after your equipment, they should in turn look after you and your yard. If you don’t have a mower or just too busy, obviously you can get us to service your property. A suitable maintenance schedule will insure it stays at its best for all those months to come.

  • You can aerate your lawn. Aerating will reduce soil compaction and increase air circulation. You can hire a lawn aerator or we can do that for you. A well aerated lawn will become more efficient in absorbing rain and irrigation water instead of it just running off the surface.

  • You can test your lawn. Testing your lawn's pH levels will establish how acidic or alkaline your soil is. This will help you to determine the condition of your soil, and what the soil may require to nourish and sustain a healthy lawn. Purchase a pH kit from your local garden or hardware store. Speak to your local nursery or garden suppliers to find out the recommend pH levels and fertiliser types for your area.

  • You’ll probably find that coming into the warmer months that your lawn may be a bit patchy and growing better in some spots than others. Until mid-late spring, keep your cutting height slightly higher and begin evening the length out. Make sure that you don’t cut your lawn more than one third of its height, as this may expose your lawn to disease and the still present cooler morning temps.

  • Grass clippings are a form of organic fertiliser and a great way to keep you lawn healthy. By using a mulching mower and returning the grass clippings to your lawn you are essentially returning 15% more nutrients back into your soil just by mowing your lawn! We can catch and mulch your lawn depending on season.

  • There is nothing worse than a patchy lawn that is riddled with bindii’ s in the peak of the backyard cricket season. Buy a spray unit and use a Bindii and Broad Leaf Herbicide to apply directly to the weeds in your yard. See your local nursery for recommended products for your particular lawn grass. We use several different spray units and can treat your lawn and weeds for a small fee.

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